Variety 12-Pack

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Our 12-pack of premium international teas comes right to your door in sustainable and biodegradable packaging. 

The trees you fund will be planted on June 20-24, when our team goes to Haiti, and we'll make sure to email you a video of it!!!  😉

One variety 12-pack contains:

Unsweet & Sweet Ginsyin & Yang, Unsweet & Sweet Lumberjack Black, Unsweet & Sweet Peruvian Chai, 2 Berry Jasmine, 2 Zion Blend, and 2 Gyokuro Matcha

  • Fund 12 trees in Haiti
  • NO preservatives
  • 0-25 calories per bottle
  • Biodegradable & BPA-free bottle
  • Brewed fresh in Evans City, PA
  • Natural & organic ingredients
  •  + Free Treecup stickers!