Tree-less Hillside in Haiti


Transparency is the priority. We strive for drinkers to know that they have funded a tree for their purchase. This is why we have a QR code on the side of each bottle that, when scanned, will show one of the trees that Treecup drinkers have helped plant. We want to build our story with our customers because reforestation is a group effort. Our transparent bottles are a metaphor for our company's business model - we want you to be able to see as much of the truth as possible.


At Treecup, we take a holistic approach to sustainability with every potential sector of our business. This includes composting used ingredients, encouraging recycling, renting a local commercial kitchen, and strategically planting trees on farmlands in order to yield the greatest socio-economic impact possible. We are currently applying for B-Corp certification.


We believe that environmental concern flourishes when the heart (pathos) meets the brain (logos). In other words, it is only when people want to help and know how to help that we can collectively make a huge impact. Treecup strives to educate the public about topics like climate change, deforestation, conservation, sustainability, and foreign culture.


Treecup is the only tea brand on the market with a deeper purpose. No other tea brand impacts the triple-bottom line of profit, environmental, and social impact.


Treecup is a for-profit business, organized as a Partnership Limited Liability Company.  By having an economically profitable business model, Treecup can expect to operate for long-term growth, with the goal of reforesting the entire country of Haiti. The more bottles we sell - the more we can grow to hire more employees, expand to more regions, and in turn exponentially plant more and more trees. Additionally, by contributing to paying taxes, Treecup actively stimulates helps the U.S. economy.


We love being able to spread our message of hope and environmental flourishing while growing the Treecup following. We take our customer feedback seriously and love receiving comments about how we can make our business better. If you have a suggestion, please drop us a message at CONTACT US and we'll get back to you ASAP!


Treecup seeks to provide a unique, healthy, and above all – philanthropic experience to tea drinkers. We exist to positively impact the environment and human lives through planting trees in Haiti.



Treecup Pics Taking Trees Out of the Car