We brew six unique teas.  No two ingredients are re-used in any tea, so they are all their own culture and flavor experience!  There's Peruvian Chai, Ginsyin & Yang,  Lumberjack Black, Berry Jasmine, Gyokuro Matcha, and the Zion Blend. We brew every tea in small three gallon batches with loose ingredients floating in the boiling water.


Peruvian Chai Tea

This is the founder's grandmother's recipe. It is a spicy black tea with cinnamon, cloves, and anise. Regions all over the world like Asia and South America drink their own versions of chai. The Peruvian Chai is a simpler blend of chai, which aims to highlight the high quality flavors from the spices, which are fair-trade and ethically sourced. Some people like to mix this tea with milk to create a delicious creamy chai! No preservatives.


Ginsyin & Yang Tea

This tea is named as a play on words with "ginseng" and "Yin & Yang". This tea is inspired by oriental flavors like gunpowder green tea, ginseng, lemon, and spearmint. It gives you a healthy burst of energy while having a clean green flavor. Green tea is well regarded as one of the teas with the highest level of antioxidants, which cleanses your system. It contains polyphenols, which scientists think contribute to anticancer activity, and all while cleansing your system of toxins. People like to sometimes try this unsweetened tea with a dash of honey for a mix of different savory flavors, or umami. No preservatives.


Lumberjack Black Tea

When people finally taste lumberjack black, they can know why it's called that.  It has a woody taste with earthy after-notes of flavor. The base for this delicious concoction is an organic Nilgiri black tea, which is grown in Southern India's Blue Mountains. We also source juniper berries and cedar firs from Oregon to give this tea a pungent unique flavor. This tea promotes heart health with the brewed-in properties of the North American Juniper and Cedar trees. Avid black tea drinkers will love this tea, and some may prefer adding a larger helping of sugar to make a Southern Style Lumberjack Black! No preservatives.


Berry Jasmine Tea

Our best seller! With the delicious properties from four different types of berries and rose petals, this tea is wildly refreshing! The jasmine tea that we brew with is grown in the shade, under trees, in Japan. The fruity notes from the jasmine itself mix great with goji berries, cherries, and blue berries resulting in an explosion of floral and fruity flavor. This tea is only served sweetened, with six grams of organic cane sugar to softly elevate the notes from other ingredients. This is the sort of tea one would typically only drink out of a tea pot at a tea shop. We serve it cold and bottled to give you that tea shop taste anywhere you want! No preservatives. 


Gyokuro Matcha Tea

This brew is 50% premium "ceremonial" grade and finely ground matcha powder and 50% gyokuro green tea. Gyokuro is a type of shaded green tea from Japan. It differs from the standard sencha in being grown under the shade rather than the full sun. Gyokuro is one of the most commonly drank tea in Japan, while ceremonial grade matcha is only drank in special occasions.  We've put the two together.  Matcha contains 15 times the amount of nutrients found in other green teas.  We made this brew our own by creating a subtle sweetness with a pinch of organic loose-leaf stevia. It's a tad sweet with no calories and packed full of antioxidants. No preservatives.


Zion Blend Peach Tumeric Tea

This is our only non-caffeinated herbal tea. It is an infusion of dehydrated peaches, turmeric, ginger, and chaga mushroom. We call it "Zion Blend" after a special little dude named Zion, who loves this tea. It's a great drink to have for a boost to your immune system. Tumeric is known to increase the antioxidant capacity in the body as well as ease inflammation in the body, including arthritis. People can drink this tea right before they go to bed and have no troubles going to sleep! No preservatives.