Serendipitous Entrepreneurship

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One of the greatest discoveries that I have stumbled upon this past year is the role that serendipity plays in the life of the entrepreneur. Some of the greatest things that have happened to me are things that I stumbled upon by chance. Now I am not saying that these great things occur for no reason – our actions create the environment conducive to these discoveries.

In the case of my joining Té Amo, it all began with a little friendly competition, a wager and an overcooked steak. Mark and I both competed in the final round of the Grove City College Venture Battle, pitching different businesses. In the spirit of competition, we decided that after the competition we would go out to dinner and whoever won less money would pick up the tab. As you can imagine, I lost that bet when Mark won some prize money and I found myself taking him to a local restaurant to settle the wager. It was here that Mark and I had the opportunity to talk more and it was here that our friendship truly began to form.

 As summer began, I felt like I was wasting a great deal of the time in my day. So in July, when Mark invited me to join the Té Amo team to help with the upcoming crowdfunding campaign – I instantly jumped at the opportunity. I ended up spending the first 5 days of the campaign with Mark, averaging 4 hours of sleep a night – my focus centered solely on Té Amo. After the first week, I still worked on the crowdfunding campaign, but began to redirect some of my focus and productivity into my own life to prepare for the approaching semester and what I look to as the latest chapter of my life.

  Another serendipitous opportunity occurred around this time. During the previous semester, a group of entrepreneurship students, including Mark and myself began attending networking events in Pittsburgh. It was from these early experiences networking that I laid the foundation for my current internship with the organizer of the very same events we had been attending! Serendipity has and will continue to play a significant role in the lives of entrepreneurs.

Comment below with something serendipitous that has occurred in your life.

-Cameron Suorsa

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