I recorded a music video in Haiti...

Upon arriving in the mountain-valley town of Deschappelles, Haiti, I immediately made my way to the local tennis court. It was there that I played doubles with some talented Haitian men. Pasky was one of those men.

After a few days of seeing me taking pictures and videos around town with my big fancy camera, Pasky and his friends had a proposition for me. He came up to me with a huge smile on his face and said, “Mark, will you please take a music video of me?”

I responded, “Pasky, you’re a rapper?!”

He said “Wi wi” (meaning yes, yes).

So, this is that music video.

We had a blast hitting up different spots around town and having random members of the community get involved and have fun. My personal favorite part of the video is the last minute, where the music fades out and you can only hear the raw noises of the excited Haitians. The country has an amazing culture, which can be represented by the film clip.

The day before I left, Pasky gave me a nice present. It turns out, he’s an excellent pencil artist as well! As shown by the portrait he created with moi as his inspiration.

I look forward to going back to Haiti and meeting my friends at the cement tennis court in the heart of Deschappelles.

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