How Getting a Part Time Job Increased My Productivity

Another old blog post from our last website - enjoy learning about our dynamic startup process. :)

After college ended for the summer, I had a lot of free time.  Instead of taking a summer internship, I decided to make Té Amo Organic Tea my "full-time internship" and summer learning.  

But, at the same time I wanted to try something new.  A job which would create profit for ME instead of the business's bank account (which is necessary for growth).  I am fascinated by the culture behind cocktails and bars, so I decided to find a job bartending this summer.

If you've ever worked within a food service business, you'll know its pretty tough work!  But the feeling of assisting in feeding a person is inherently satisfying.  In fact, as a kid, I always wanted to be a chef - it's fitting that my first job was as a cook in Pizza Hut.  Although all I did was sauce, cheese, and pepperoni pizzas, I was incredibly happy while doing so.  Not to mention earning money too - who doesn't like earning money!

I want to create my own restaurant when I grow old and retired.  I am inspired by watching "Chef's Table" on Netflix and the beautiful narrations of great restaurants and chefs, which I yearn to be like at a later phase in life.

So, I figured bartending would give me some great experience towards this goal... as well as some pretty great stories to tell along the way.  Thus I got a part-time job at Sports & Spirits in Evans City as a "waiter", who makes drinks every now and then.  People mostly drink beer at this bar, which is much simpler than a cocktail - however, I must start somewhere whilst learning to become a master of drink-mixing!  

I was curious to see if working a part time job a few times a week would affect my productivity with Té Amo, my baby.  A friend of mine who also owns a small business advised me to get a part time job because it INCREASES productivity, although seemingly counter-intuitive.

After a couple of weeks of managing both responsibilities, I can totally agree that indeed having a part time job DOES increase productivity.  Some of the positive effects I've experienced include:

   1. Better time management - I am not the best at managing my sleeping schedule, but when you know you must get up early or stay up late the next day, it forces you to prepare yourself for the next day by getting good sleep!

   2. Higher self-efficacy - This is different from self-esteem, instead self-efficacy is an individual’s belief in his or her innate ability to achieve goals.  Having a goal to complete every day that differs from other days is awesome.  It keeps you on your toes and shows you that "YOU CAN DO IT!".

   3. Meet more people - My favorite part.  The people I get to meet and speak with!  Surprisingly, most patrons of the bar/restaurant ask about what is happening within YOUR life - a perfect opportunity to inform them about the best local tea business ever.

   4. Cash flow - Not only does having a job earn you money, but you save money while working the job.  For example, when you're working you're not doing anything else - which oftentimes means you're spending money for gas or food.  As Ben Franklin said, "A penny saved is a penny earned".

  5. Learning - There are restaurant-specific things I've learned as well as transferable skills.  My favorite part is remembering people's name and drink.  Since many people come in as "regulars" to my small town, this is a cool way to have a real connection.  Mixing drinks is a fun thing as well.  By the way... my favorite drink to make is called a Brain (image shown below).

With all the goals my business partner (my mother) and I have set for the summer with our bottled tea business, it's hard to find any extra time.  BUT when it is something as worthwhile as a part-time job bartending, which improves my productivity in accomplishing these goals, an exception can be made.

I'm curious, do YOU find YOUR side-hustle helps with your productivity? 

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