Competition Season / Updates

I'm still a student.  This has its obvious pros and cons whilst operating a startup - especially when it's in the capital & labor intensive beverage industry.

Cons being:

- Divided priorities; I care about Té Amo a lot but I can't neglect classes & my GPA.

- I'm a broke college student

- There's only 24 hours in the day

- I'm a social creature, I get distracted by plentiful events and good conversations

Pros being:

- I am learning about business while I'm running a business, leading to better decision making

- Valuable mentors are everywhere!  (Professors)

- I'll probably never have less risk during a "phase" in my life than right now!

- I never have to think about making food at college

- And my favorite: access to student-competition money!  So far, through my entrepreneurship program Té Amo has only raised $2,000, but this school year there's a LOT more competitions to enter, and a LOT more money to win.

The applications to these competitions all differ - but a knowledge of your overall business plan is necessary to make the judges believe in your business model.

I'm proud to announce I'm currently a semifinalist for 2 competitions - the CommonBond Social Impact Award and the U.Pitch Future Founders Competition!

This gives me the potential to win up to $15,000 - not to mention I'd get to travel to New York City and Chicago all in the same week.  😥  I'm trying my absolute hardest to represent Grove City College and Té Amo to the highest standard possible.

It's funny - the emotions of being in a competition are so weird.  You hope you get to the next round, but then when you do you're both relieved and anxious about all the work you have to put in to get to the FINALS.  And then battling it out with the top competitors to see who can get the most money.  It's brutal out there.  But it's fun!  And it builds character & band identity 

The future of Té Amo will largely depend on how well our concept gets proven and what capabilities/access to capital we have.  Although my mother and I have each expended 1 year of our lives on this business, the possibilities of both "closing down shop" and "being a household names" are equally possible.  These entrepreneurial competitions will serve to give us feedback on which fork on the road we should take.  

One way to help out our competitive efforts is to vote for Té Amo here.

 It will direct you to a page like this which will prompt you to vote for us.  We have to be one of the videos with the top 3 votes in order for our team to get flown to New York City to participate in this competition.  Wish us luck!

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